1939 Chevrolet Truck


Acrylic on canvas                           91 x 91 cm



This original artwork by contemporary realist painter Shannon Fannin is a mesmerising portrait of a classic Chevrolet model, conveyed from an intimate close-up perspective. Inspired by a fascination for the history of automobiles and motorcycles, fantastic accuracy, care and attention has been applied by the artist who achieves a greatly realistic rendering of the cars form and structure. The artist successfully extracts the beauty of the revered classic model, imbuing the piece with highlights that emphasise its sleek lines and reflectivity of the surface material. The artist hones in on expressing the way the light hits the vehicle, distorting the image reflected on the metal. Combined with an up close perspective, this creates an illusion which is almost abstract.This piece is painted on stretched canvas, hand signed by the artist and is ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 91 × 91 cm