Highlighting Compassion


Oil on panel                                          76 x 76 cm



This original still life study by James Zamora presents a realistic and sensitive rendering of a floral bouquet. Drawing on the various symbolic references alluded to in relation to the natural subject matter, the artist has chosen to portray peonies which are traditionally believed to convey romance, good luck, compassion and prosperity. This bestows the elegant portrait with a profound connotation that adds to the exquisite beauty of the beloved ornamental. Rendered in realism, the artist focuses on the technical complexities of the everyday subject matter, extracting the subtleties in the intimate scene portrayed which imbues the study with an impressive level of accuracy. The artist composes the vase against a dark backdrop to further draw attention to the fragile, petal structures of the flora. This contemporary artwork is imparted with oils on panel, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 76 × 76 cm