Let’s Play


Oil on canvas                                80 x 100 cm



This original portrait by Sal Jones expresses an emotional intensity and projects a sense of drama. The captivating subject matter involves a woman, demonstrating a challenging temperament, expressing a striking emotion. This expression, combined with an interesting title, elicits exciting narrative associations, making for a highly engaging piece. A palette of vibrant tones is employed by the artist to implying the figure’s features, who is illuminated ardently against a black backdrop, drawing attention to their defiant provocation. Intense in her gaze, the figure’s eyes become an engaging focal point in the composition. This piece employs captivating modern techniques involved in the application of paint work and is combined with a stylish, bold typography. This contemporary artwork is painted in oils on canvas, hand signed by the artist and ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 80 × 100 cm