Red Sky, St Paul’s


Oil on canvas                         20 x 20 cm


Contemporary impressionist Rory J Browne presents a blissful miniature study of the capitol captured in dramatic evening lighting. The artist imparts care and attention into the rendering of realistic brushwork, conveying the architecture of the cityscape with incredible accuracy. With striking use of a palette of rich red and orange tones to imply a sense of vehement sunset lighting, the artist explores the way this silhouettes the vista below. The city remains illuminated during the twilight hours, conveyed by the artist in this piece with use of golden tones which accent the capitols main buildings, captured from an enigmatic above perspective. This original painting embodies the sense of wonder elicited by the city when experienced in the evening, capturing its effervescent beauty. This piece is painted in oils on canvas, hand signed by the artist and framed, ready to be displayed. 

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Dimensions 20 × 20 cm