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Signet Contemporary Art London

Cake Capuche

Oil and clay on canvas                          86 x 47 cm




47cm (w)

x 86cm (h)

x 7.6cm (d)

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I started painting animals with food on their heads in 2017. The inspiration came from my daughter who, as an infant, always put the first bite of every meal on top of her head before she would finish eating. It made for funny photos…and even funnier paintings. I have a deep love and appreciation for all animals having spent about 8 years working in the zoo and aquarium industry before becoming a full time artist. I love food, I don’t cook, I collect cook books, and I love to eat. All these pieces elements come together in this art. I made these shaped canvases by first designing the composition of the piece and cutting it out on boards before stretching the canvas. I also added a clay relief to the front of the piece to play with the mix of 2-d and 3-d. This is an oil painting on canvas and clay. I added a pile of cakes to this guys head and made them all white because one of the most beautiful things about zebras is their coloring. AND I love to paint white. Every color of the rainbow is in white. I believe to paint white things well, you need to be able to really see inside white. It’s a skill I’ve spent a lot of time on.

Dimensions 86 × 47 × 7.6 cm

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